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Kim Kardashian Feels Working Moms Could Have All Of It|reality Television Magazine

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/P6Ko3Da.jpg' size='200px' alt='kim-kardashian-feels-working-moms-can-have-it-all' style='float: left; cushioning:5 px' />) In fact, Kardashian thinks that working moms could have everything, and she accepts her own mother, Kris Jenner, for that. For me, my mom kind of showed us women we could have all of it. She worked hard. She showed us if you strive, its all ability and focusing on, Kardashian told CNBC lately. The hot subject in fact turned up after Pepsico Chief Executive Officer said that she doesn't think ladies can have everything, but Kim does not agree with that at all. Rather, Kardashian took place to detail: If anyone truly seems like they angle do it all, I feel like its a little bit dissuading to state that, even if I couldnt and it wasnt possible, I would try and I would certainly attempt my finest to do everything. But does having a nanny take care of your kids so you can function actually suggest you can have everything? Apparently Kim thinks so, but were not so certain that we concur with her. Its your count on appear off!

Associated article: http://themagazinetimesnow.smackjeeves.com/news-archive/posts/130013/kim-kourtney-and-khloe-kardashian-talk-to-hello/

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